Downloadable Product Information

What are PDF downloads?

PDF downloads are patterns that are purchased online & printed on your home computer by you. These patterns are NOT shipped to you by mail so no shipping charges apply – that’s a savings of up to $25 especially for our international customers! PDF’s are instantly accessible once payment has been processed on your order via your online account.

What are Jpeg downloads?

Jpeg downloads are images that are purchased online & printed on your home computer by you. These images are NOT shipped to you by mail so no shipping charges apply. These images are high resolution 300 dpi.

Do I need special software to access my PDF downloads?

The only software you need to access PDF is the very common Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free program. Click here to download Adobe Reader for free. Other media sources can be used to view PDFs such as iPads & iPhones (you can open in iBooks) or other tablet PDF readers available by app store for Androids. PDFs can also be emailed to your Kindle for viewing but file sizes of larger PDFs (many eBooks) may make emailing prohibitive. We cannot guarantee our all of our PDFs will be of a size that will allow them to be emailed.

Do I need special software to access my Jpeg downloads?

Most computer OS systems have some sort of basic image viewing program. If you wish to edit the image you may need to have image editing software such as Photoshop. There are also free online image editors available such as

How will I know which version of a pattern I am purchasing?

Indygo Junction offers a downloadable PDF version for many of its current pattern line. If a current pattern has a PDF version, you will see “Downloadable PDF” as an option when adding it to your cart. You will also find patterns listed on our website that are available ONLY as a PDF download. This will be clearly stated in the title & options area of that individual product page.

If I purchase a download, how do I get it to my computer to print?

Once you add a download to your cart, you will begin the checkout process. Please note you MUST sign up for an online account during your checkout process (or have a previously established online account) to purchase downloads.

Once your purchase is complete, your download will be instantly accessible.

To access your downloads, simply log into your account using the My Account link in the top right corner of the website. Click on the “ Review orders / Download Digital Products” tab. Here you will see all your orders. If your order contained a downloadable file, you will see a “ Download File(s) >>>” link. Click the link to access your download. You will know you are there when you see the blue flashing arrow!

How do I save the file to my computer?

Every computer is different. Some computers will ask where you want to save the file when you click your download link. Many computer automatically download all files to a specific folder designated by the computer owner or as a default when the computer was originally set up. Many times this folder is called “Downloads”. Please refer to your own computer settings to locate your files.

How do I print my file once I open it on my computer?

Again, this depends on your personal computer and which browser you are using. Most browsers will open your file as a new tab (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox for example). From this window, you can save or print using the icons at the top of the page or that appear when you hover your mouse over the window.

Be sure to print your patterns at 100% (not "shrink-go-fit" or "fit to media". You can check if your pattern pieces have printed the correct size by measuring the "blue one inch square" in your pattern. This square should measure one inch. If it does not, your printer settings may need to be modified. When you click print, check the options that pop-up to make sure you are printing page at 100%.

If you have any further questions on downloading files, please contact us at 913.341.5559 or at